How to draw Iron Man Mk 3. This armor is the first to implement the trademark red and yellow color schemes. In Mk3, Tony designed a sleeker, lightweight armor to combat. The armor is much more form fitting an sleeker than the previous MKI and MKII models.
In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw Iron Man Mark 3 with classic circle shape trademark on his chest. You will learn to draw his helmet and armor suit in natural stance pose. This is a basic step by step drawing instruction and should be easy to follow whether you are beginners or novices. Iron Man helmet has a very almost rectangular rather than typical egg shape. Then helmet structure are more mechanical looking like a robot. Before you start drawing, it is very useful if you can look at any subject and able to break it down into simple geometry shapes. In this case, you can see strong rectangular shapes on his visors and mouth. Breaking down your subject into simple shape is a very good observation exercise for artists. It can be a lot easier when you already know the geometric structure of the subject.

Iron Man Mk3

Iron Man Mk3

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Below are step by step how to draw Iron Man Mk3.  Step one, I started the drawing with Iron Man’s helmet with rough sketch.  Step two, I drew his visors, mouth shape and his body armor.  Step three, I added more design onto the torso area, then added two arms onto the body.  Step four, I finished the detail on his torso then moved onto his arms.  Step five, I add Mech design detail onto his pelvis, hand and upper legs.  Step six, done.

how to draw Iron Man Mk3

how to draw Iron Man Mk3

Also watch Photoshop painting tutorial demo for Iron Man below.

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Here is a painted version of Iron Man.

Iron Man digital painting demo

Iron Man digital painting

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How to draw Iron Man Mk 3

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