How to draw Ingrid from Street Fighter. In this tutorial, you will learn to draw Ingrid with step by step drawing instruction. This tutorial provide useful information and insight of general artistic process for comics and Manga drawing alike. It helps you gain knowledge of drawing whether facial or figure. You will learn to draw a Ingrid’s face and body along with her unique hair style and costume. This drawing of Ingrid is leaning toward the older version of her. I will also show you how to draw her costume over her figure along with her hair style. Even though most of her character are covered by her costume, it is still useful to know anatomy. It is important to make sure that the visible anatomy is as accurate as possible if you are interested in being a character concept artist. The best way I have learned anatomy is attending life drawing session. This drawing took me about thirty minutes to draw just for tutorial purpose only, not a finished art work. In general, I usually start with gesture drawing to portray a character first to get the basic movement and structure of a character’s body. It is important to get correct shape, proportion, and accuracy for initial sketch, before you start finalize your drawing.
Ingrid is a powerful, brave, and noble warrior who has a strong hatred for the Satsui no Hadou and has a great amount of respect for people like Ryu and Rose. Despite her young look, she is also very wise, smart and calls herself the messenger from the stars. She also uses her time traveling abilities as a way to attain more knowledge of the universe. Apparently, her source of power is derived from Psycho Power, yet it is not purely evil like that of M. Bison; it is likely it is converted into something similar to Rose’s Soul Power. Ingrid also claims that she is the true bearer of what is called “Psycho Power”, as she constantly tells Bison that Psycho Power is “her power” and that Bison has stolen some of it.

Here is a final drawing of Ingrid from Street Fighter.

Ingrid from Street Fighter

Ingrid from Street Fighter drawing

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Below are step by step how to draw Ingrid.  First, I started off with her head and body with rough gesture drawing.  Step two, I then roughed out the rest of her body (arms, hip, and legs).  Step three, I slowly drew in her facial structure, hair and bow tie.  Step four, I added more detail to her hair and her top.  Step five, I finished her top, mini skirt, both arms and hands.  Step six, I finished up the rest of the image using fine darker lines.

how to draw Ingrid from Street Fighter

how to draw Ingrid from Street Fighter

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How to draw Ingrid

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