How to draw Blanka from Street Fighter. In this drawing tutorial you will learn to draw Blanka, a character from Street Fighter video game series, from a drawing video instruction. I also include step by step images with in depth detail description inside this tutorial. The step by step images will help you whenever you get stuck from watching the video. It is easier to see the transition from point A to point B in a still format. It is a perfect complimentary with the video instruction. In this tutorial, you will learn to draw a Blanka’s face, hair and part of his upper body. I will also show you how to draw proper muscle structure for this type of character like shoulders, biceps, triceps, and chest muscles. It is important have some knowledge of anatomy, but you don’t have to know them all like medical student. All you have to know is the muscles that are most visible to our eyes. This drawing took me about forty minutes to draw just for tutorial purpose, it is not a finished art work by any mean.
Blanka serves as a precursor to the events of Street Fighter II. The game tells a tale of how Blanka ate a melon on a poacher’s truck and unwittingly traveled to civilization for the first time. Playing the game as Blanka, the player eventually faces Dan Hibiki as one of Blanka’s mid-bosses. It is then revealed through in-game dialogue that the two know each other and that Blanka had once saved Dan’s life. Dan addresses Blanka as “Jimmy”, and tells him that if ever he needs help, he can ask Dan.

Here is a final drawing of Blanka.

Blanka Street Fighter drawing

Blanka Street Fighter drawing

Watch a video tutorial how to draw Blanka from Street Fighter.

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Below are step by step how to draw Blanka, watch the video tutorial for more in dept detail explanation. I usually start drawing the character using simple geometry shapes to get the basic idea down. It is an easy way to sketch out just shape first then draw over more solid detail. It is very important to get correct shape, proportion, and accuracy for initial sketch. This way, when you make a final drawing your drawing will be correct. Remember to always observe the character with keen eyes then keep it simple and keep the foundation correct before going on to the next step.

How to draw Blanka Street Fighter

How to draw Blanka from Street Fighter

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How to draw Blanka

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