How to draw Grunt from Mass Effect video game. Learn to draw a creature character from Mass Effect Grunt video tutorial. This post also include step by step images with easy drawing instruction. In this tutorial, you will learn to draw Grunt, one of the main character creature from Mass Effect. This drawing took me about twenty minutes to draw so it is not by any means a portfolio piece. I just want to make a tutorial to show you guys an easy tutorial. First, I look at the creature then I will break it down into simple geometry shapes. It is by far the easier way to try to draw something like creatures or animal. Once I make the drawing simple to build on, then it is easier to put detail on top of correct shapes. This way, you can get a solid and good drawing. Though it might look simple but the most important part is measurement and placement of all elements such as space from right eye to nose bridge or from mouth to chin. Correct shape and positioning initial pieces within the drawing will make your drawing more accurate and more appealing. Remember to observe the object carefully then keep it simple and keep the foundation correct before you drawing on top of it.
Grunt is a genetically engineered Krogan super soldier. Created by Warlord Okeer after several “failures”, he was bred and educated in a tank in only 7 days, but is intelligent albeit aggressive. Grunt’s purpose was to exemplify the best traits of the Krogan, and help reinvigorate his species. Due to the lack of Krogan upbringing or a sense of honour, Grunt is both violent and highly unpredictable. In Mass Effect 2 Grunt is brought on the Normandy inside a stasis tank, afterward Commander Shepard may decide to free him. Grunt comes out of the tank and begins to choke Shepard. Shepard talks Grunt down, which makes Grunt respect him.

Here is a final drawing of Grunt from Mass Effect.

Grunt Mass Effect

Grunt from Mass Effect

Watch the video tutorial how to draw Grunt from Mass Effect.

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Below are step by step how to draw Grunt. Watch the video tutorial to get in depth detail drawing instruction.

how to draw Grunt Mass Effect

how to draw Grunt from Mass Effect

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How to draw Grunt Mass Effect

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