Reza Ilyasa, Master Artist interview. When I first saw Reza’s Mecha art, I was like WTF! These are super awesome! I feel really inspired every single time I run into super great art and design. I thought he was a concept artist so I contact him. It turns out, he is a professional comics artist in Jakarta, Indonesia. Then I saw more of his art work from the link he send me via DeviantArt, I was even more excited. Very impressive body of work there. And he is kind enough to give us a short interview at

idrawgirls: How and why did you want to become a professional commercial and concept Artist?

Reza: I’m not declare myself as a concept artist, all i do now is just for fun and fulfilling my passion for creating what i thought cool, ive been using digital imaging since 5 years ago, way back before i was manual ilustrator, im also dont know how to use photoshop, i only use pencil and pen to draw, back to year 2000 is when i explore myself to be illustrator, i start it cos i dont hav any choice and decide to be comic artist, i guest there’s where i learn to be a concept artist.

ichido samurai mecha by Reza

ichido samurai mecha by Reza © Reza Ilyasa

idrawgirls: What is your first art job and how did you start?

Reza: Until now, i work at Imaginary Friends studio at Jakarta, Indonesia, i work there as comic artist, and spare my time to do what i love, digital painting, and learning from everything i see and love, too many influence

idrawgirls: Where do you get your inspiration from?

Reza: I don’t really have any certain inspiration, but my girlfriend is one of it, all i interest in is shapes, like bots, rocks, cliff, sky, i also get my mood back when i see 90s music video,rock video, lol, yeah ocourse, 90s video got great color mood, i dunno what the exact influence for me, some ppl say im bit gundam, but i don’t really like it, ii don’t even collect them

(idrawgirls: Yeah, I can see why you love Gundam.)

concept art khadam by Reza

concept art khadam by Reza © Reza Ilyasa

concept art chronicles void 2 by Reza

concept art chronicles void 2 by Reza © Reza Ilyasa

idrawgirls: To you, what are the three most important elements in painting or concept art in general?

Reza: Three element in painting that the most important for me is… lay out, good composition, atmosphere/mood

concept art samurai archer by Reza

concept art samurai archer by Reza © Reza Ilyasa

concept art Dune Boogie by Reza

concept art Dune Boogie by Reza © Reza Ilyasa

idrawgirls: What would you suggest to young artists on how to get start and become the better artist?

Reza: My advice will be, heck bout techniq, pay attention to composing, photoshop or elseit just tools, the most important thing is do it with honest and fun… yeah!!
draw quick as you can when you got vision and idea in your head

idrawgirls: Thank you so much for your time Reza!

Reza: thanks for this interview, its really an honor. Excuse my English, im not good on it.

idrawgirls: An honor is ours, my pleasure.
Go check out the rest of Reza’s bad@ss art work at

Hope you all learn something from this. 😉

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Reza Ilyasa, Master Artist interview.

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