Painting check list for artists.. Painting Lesson check list, tip and technique for artists.
Here are the checklist that you should have them memorized or make a flashcard. It is very useful to look at it before, during and finishing the painting.
FYI: I adopted the following key point in this check list for digital painting from master painter Richard Schmid. It is very useful key points for me to check my own painting over the past year or so. Observation and criticism of your work is the key.

Ander Zorn self portrait

Ander Zorn self portrait

Here are the painting check list to make you work the best it could possibly be
1) Careless drawing (accurate measurement and such)
2) Too many sharp edges.
3) Trying to paint things instead of shapes (Very KEY*** patches or shapes of value)
4) Painting more values than are necessary
5) Incorrect temperature transition (if you have cool shadow then the shadow stay only cool shade)
6) Muddy color or not confident blurry color
7) Unsuitable brushes
8) Working too much on detail instead of focusing on the overall image.
9) Overwork what should be left alone.
10) Values and edges
11) Too many highlights or hot spots.
12) Aimless brush strokes hoping to get lucky.
13) Poor selection of pigments and palette.
14) Timidity and lack of confident (fear of making mistake usually resulting in muddy)
15) Color should be clean and clear

These are some what a basic check list that will help you improve every time you paint. If you wonder why is your painting is not coming out the way you would like it to be then go through this list one by one…I am sure you will find this very helpful.

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This list is up to your own interpretation because I didn’t come up with it. But if you have any question I will try to point you the best I can, in my own interpretation, to the correct way.

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Painting check list for artists.

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