Focal Point in art and painting why artists do them, what’s significantly important of composition?
Why Composition and Focal Point
When you see a great piece of art, you are not looking at something that ” just happen”. It is usually the end product of a process of planning referred to as composition.
You may be inclined to just take a nice looking picture and paint it as is, relying on the photographer to define your composition. This is particularly appropriate for the beginning artist, but one day you may wish to expand your own artistic talents and try a hand at coming up with your own unique composition or make changes to improving the composition of an image you are considering. That, in my opinion, is the difference between art as mear draftsmanship and art as a creative process.

It is very important that the design of the painting pull the eye into the focal point. Other design elements can be used to direct the eye to the focal point strengthening it. Indeed it is only in setting up our design to pull the eye into our intended focal point that it becomes the focal point. Otherwise our intended focal point is just another part of the painting.

A strong composition has a strong focal paint (s). The elements that make up your focal point may be larger, shaper, brighter and more clearly defined, then the rest of the composition. They may even be made more prominent than they actually appear in the real world.

focal point composition

focal point composition

It us usually best to avoid putting the focal point dead center. Some artist advocate using the rule of thirds. * Composition rule of the third.

Composition is the means of selecting appropriate elements and arranging them on your canvas to communicate your ideas, and feelings. How you place those elements within your painting is very important. Compositions can be strong or weak, can draw attention to your painting or cause it to be ignored. Here I will assemble some tips I have gleaned over the years on how to create superior compositions that will pull the eye. I have chosen some of my own works as examples, not because they are in any way superior examples but because I am most familiar with them, they are at hand, and I have permission to use them.

Focal Point additional thought.
In art,[the focal point is] the centre of interest in an artwork that attracts the viewer’s eyes first. Artists use various techniques to bring the viewer to the focal point of their work, often the most important part of a painting, but not always placed in the centre of it. The focal point may stand out because of its size, the brightness of its colour, the use of contrasting colours, particularly light against dark, or because the components of the painting have been arranged so as to guide the viewer’s eye.

What is focal point in illustration

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