How to hold a pencil for drawing. This tutorial is a little tips about holding your pencil when you draw to get loose lines for all artists.

I receive from e-mail which has a really good question for me to write an article about. How do I hold my pencil when I draw.

“Hi I love your work! Thanks for putting it up, it has inspired me more and I am learning alot from it!

I have a question, I really like how your lines look so fluid, smooth agile and loose.
What is the best way to get the lines to look like that?”

How to hold a pencil for drawing

How to hold a pencil for drawing

When you draw with a regular pencil, where are you gripping your pencil? Are you holding it near the bottom or in the middle? Are you holding the pencil like how you would write or are you using some special technique to get your lines to look that fluid, smooth and loose?

That’s depending on how fast or how tight I want to go.

Tip: Loose and fluid spontaneous drawing, hold your pencil slightly further away from the tip, and use your whole should and elbow (no wriste) to get the most natural arche and flow looseness line quality. The bigger the leads and the drawing pad, the better.
It is very important that you DRAW with YOUR WHOLE ARM and SHOULDER is the most effective way to get fluid line for simultaneous straight and curve.

Tip: Tight and detail. Hold your pencil a little closer to the tip to get control and tight accuracy. You have to make sure the tip of your lead is the proper size for the drawing for the better result.

Once you practice a lot with big pad and BIG arch of whole arm and shoulder drawing…you can translate that into smaller drawing, but it will loose some of the real looseness of the whole arch action of natural body movement.

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How to hold a pencil for drawing

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