How to get better at digital painting. This post has 5 steps that will help you understand how to progress in digital painting the easy way.
I have so many people asking how do I get better at digital painting and color.

Great Exercises for Artists who wants to paint better. Tips and technique for artists.

1) Try painting with just TWO color ONLY, just Black and White (no pressure sensitive and value inbetween). Or for fun you can try any other color and white or Black background. Try to utilize and understand positive and negative space.

2) gray scale illustration (from black to white or Achromatic color scheme) get it nail down as much as you could.

3) Also do a monochromatic color scheme painting and focus on getting the correct value (with its value) (monocromatic).

huntress of Amazon

huntress of Amazon

4) After you try the above three exercises for a few weeks, you should learn more about how you can achieve certain result you need. At this point, try Analogous color scheme and Complimentary color scheme. *You can even them on the same painting and see how different it looks and which is more compelling to you.

5) Do a gray scale and apply three colors (of your choices) palette.
Go read Photoshop tutorial overlay mode and Photoshop tutorial using multiply mode.  Both should help you understand how to apply color

Highly Recommended
If you want to know how to select color and palette, Richard Schmidth’s book is what I highly recommend. He explain value, color, and how to figure. He is one of the best contemporary artist/ Oil painter. Color and value Principle also apply the same to digital painting. It’s one of the best book ever recommended to me. He is a true master. –Alla Prima: Everything I Know About Painting
(Richard Schmidth) -Oil Painting for the Serious Beginner: Basic Lessons in Becoming a Good Painter

How to get better at digital painting.

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