How to draw without using references. How to draw from your mind and create and interesting concept and character from imagination. I have so many people ask me about the topic mention and how to achieve it. In this post, I can only suggest to you guys how to get myself inspired to draw because when i draw i dont know what to draw from out of my head.
I have these questions comes up many many times. Most of the concept that comes from imagination is still using some sort of reference that store in your memory. The more visual references you can memorize, the more imagination you will have. A lot of time you can also use other concept to inspire or stimulate your own imagination. Well, here are some tips for those who have a difficult time coming up with their own concept art.

1) You have to practice draw and draw a lot of many things…look for all kind of inspiration from online, offline, forum, etc. Get some idea together…or you can start with some easy shape and form of cartooning…then go from there. Also practice life drawing, drawing from real life with the limited time frame…it will practice your brain to have a natural flow and be more efficient and economy in using line, shape and form. Practice make perfect,…when you try something new out of your comfort zone, the first few or more might not be good, but keep doing it….you will see the big step up from where you start. Keep going and don’t be discourage.

drawing from your mind

drawing from your mind

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2) Also, Don’t just focus on people. What I usually do. Practice drawing a lot of animal forms and features from good photo ref or go to the zoo. There are some weird looking animal everywhere, deep sea fishes, squid, and all kind of insects. Also looking at movies, video games, illustration book and a bunch of concept design from any good production studio. All of them combine, plus constantly seeking inspiration from something new, edgy…from these sources. Don’t limited yourself by just looking at the fantasy or typical dragon drawing or painting…expand.

3) Study from real stuff first, then photograph is somewhat the last resource. To make something convincingly realistic, you have to imitate realism itself. Drawing real animal and make them convincing…then you will know the direction you want to go when create fantasy creature.

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Drawing without using references

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