Triadic Color Scheme, tips and technique for artists, illustrators, mangakas and concept artists.

The triadic color scheme uses three colors equally spaced around the color wheel. This scheme is popular among graphic designers, photographers, and some artists because it offers strong visual contrast while retaining balance, and color richness. The triadic scheme is not as contrasting as the complementary scheme, but it looks more balanced and harmonious.

Triadic Color Scheme Direction

triadic color scheme

triadic color scheme

Pros: The triadic color scheme offers high contrast while retaining harmony.
Cons: The triadic color scheme is not as contrasting as the complementary scheme.

The below image is somewhat the close to Triadic color scheme with a little tweaking of the older version that I could find from my stash. 🙂 * Mostly I like working in complimentary color scheme, triadic is harder. TIPS: The more colors you have to deal with the more difficult to balance them.

triadic color painting

triadic color painting

1. Choose one color to be dominant element and used in larger amounts than others. The last two can be used as secondary and so on.
2. If the colors look gaudy, try to subdue them either by using the less saturate hue or push it back into the back ground.

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Triadic Color Scheme

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