How to paint rock cliff and sky. Learn to paint basic landscape from video tutorial digital painting using Photoshop. This video tutorial has two parts. You can select part 1 or part 2 from the labelled buttons below the video. You can scroll down below to see step by step images with instruction.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to sketch landscape using basic geometry shape as base drawing. Then you will learn how to block in color and value, using essential basic light and shadow. This tutorial is not as easy as most of the drawing tutorials I have on this website. You should already know how to draw and how to shade basic light and shadow without using any reference. Understand lighting or value is very essential for painting whether it would be landscape, character design, environmental concept, etc. But if you have never done digital painting before, you should not be intimidate by it, it is a lot easier and more convenience than traditional oil paint. Just watch this tutorials then you can look around the blog for other easier ones, once you get the hang of how to arrange lighting you will be fine. It is very important for any painter to know basic principle of drawing, value and color. Knowing these three important elements will already take you very far in painting. And don’t stop learning because there are much more than these three things in painting, this is just the beginning.

Here is the final painting of rock cliff and sky.

painting rock cliff sky

painting rock cliff sky

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Below are step by step images tutorial to watch along with painting video lesson.
Step 1, lay down the base color.  Look at your subject and select the most visible part to paint first.  In this one, I notice the huge rocky cliff so I decide to paint a big block of it first using its most local color.  Step 2, then I can start blocking in shape for painting by adding some basic shadow.  I also start to painting some dark blue onto the empty space above as cloud.  Step 3, now I am assigning value on the big cliff and add some colorful vegetation along the coast.  Step 4, now I keep refining light and shadow using default soft round photoshop brush.  Step 5, I then apply some texture onto the rock using custom brushes.  Step 6, I am Finishing and refining for the final concept painting.  Done!  Watch the painting video tutorial for more in dept instruction of painting rock cliff and sky.

how to paint rock cliff sky

how to paint rock cliff sky

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How to paint rock cliff and sky

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  • Andy

    Hi Carol – I love the brushwork – and seenig your process work – it is hard to believe you were using a photo for reference let alone a bad one, the result is right on.

  • Xia Taptara

    Just focus on light and shadow and forget that they are rocks. Water is probably the most difficult, they change their property in many form depending on the light.

  • Cassle Tanggyono

    I think rock is one of the most challenging part in environmental concept design, because of the textures of the rocks and also the variety of those colors. 🙂 It might look like brown, with red, and light brown, cream, etc etc. All of them almost look the same to me! But each of them do takes part in forming the overall shape. 😀


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