QA on using references for art. This Q/A is how I usually draw regularly as a rough sketch to get the idea out of my head. I usually draw many of these and then if I happen to like some of them then I will or paint over the drawing and maybe take it to the finish stage.

guildwars 2 concept art girl

guildwars 2 concept art girl

Viewer Question: “wow, man! nice job! jus wonderin do you use reference, cause I still you referencing for poses n others things and I’m wondering when will I not need the aid of reference? THANX AGAIN 4 SHARIN!”

Me: “I don’t usually use any reference when I am sketching drawing unless I run into questionable area that I couldn’t figure it out. But if I am doing somewhat realistic face I use ref for lighting and starting point of ref for facial feature variation in design characters. The best way to go about it when doing poses or character is draw a lot of real figures from life in any life drawing (figure drawing session) any where in college, university near you. Even some public session…I am sure they have it around your city.

What I do is I go to a local life drawing session at least once a week. It a classical way to for artist to train how to draw figure with real people. The more you do the more you absorb images into your brain and it will become a library of poses. Long story shot, find life drawing or figure drawing session near you (they usually hold open session at the university or something like that) That’s the best way to learn how to draw figure I know of.”

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QA on using references for art

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