Problem with drawing arm and body. How an arm is connect to body or torso in drawing. Here is a basic drawing instruction illustrated how to correctly draw an arm connect to torso and shoulder.
I have one of the question from the viewer so here I am doing my best to answer the question by illustrated image with some explanation.
How can I make the arm feel like it’s really the part of the body?

Question from an audience:

“Hi, thanks for posting the basic poses on your blog. Since you’ve drawn the pelvis as a circle, I can connect the legs easily. Now, only problem left is connecting the arm to the torso. Every time I tried, the arm felt alien & disconnected from the body. How can I make the arm feel like it’s really the part of the body?”

Here is an illustrated of commonly mistake people do.

draw arm with body correct way

draw arm with body correct way

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If you are interested in studying more anatomy and such. You can go watch How to draw man muscles body torso and How to draw body Skinnier version. I highly recommended the George Bridgeman book (you can find it on the right side of my post). It is one of the best anatomy for artist illustrate of all time for me. And it was recommended to me from my art director and my mentor. I think if you are serious about being an artist, you definitely should have one.

Problem with drawing arm and body

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