Monochromatic and Achromatic color scheme. What is monochromatic. This post will explain to you what is monochromatic painting in detail. The video tutorial, I talk about choosing color in real world application.

The monochromatic color scheme uses variations in lightness and saturation of one color. This scheme looks clean and elegant. Monochromatic colors go well together, producing a soothing effect. The monochromatic scheme is very easy on the eyes, especially with blue or green hues. You can use it to establish an overall mood. The primary color can be integrated with neutral colors such as black, white, or gray. However, it can be difficult, when using this scheme, to highlight the most important elements.

Monochromatic is not black and white grayscale image. It is often mistaken. Black and white rendering is officially called Achromatic. Both are great for practicing rendering value, and contrast of the painting.

Pros: The monochromatic scheme is easy to manage, and always looks balanced and visually appealing. Great practice for values.
Cons: This scheme lacks color contrast. It is not as vibrant as the complementary scheme.

1. Use Values (tints, shades, and tones) of the key color to enhance the scheme.
2. Try the analogous scheme; it offers more nuances while retaining the simplicity and elegance of the monochromatic scheme.

This image is monochromatic.

monochromatic painting

monochromatic painting

This image is achromatic.

achromatic painting

achromatic painting

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Monochromatic and Achromatic color scheme

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