How to make custom brush in Photoshop. Learn to make Photoshop custom brush for digital Drawing and Painting. This is a basic video tutorial or lesson of how to make easy custom brush in photoshop. You have to have a pressure sensitive drawing tablet such as a Wacom Intous series. Without the pressure sensitive pen you are not going to get the same results. The particular brush I am going to make will mimic a pencil drawing and give a texture of pencil like when you draw. Though can customize it to your own preference. I usually use 60% opacity when I sketch in PS. Then when I paint I usually use 50%, 80% and 100% depending on the purpose and brushes I use.

Brushes making tip 1: Also, make sure you are on the new layer when making your brush because this is important later on. With any of the brushes you have already create a shape. Experimenting with the shapes can lead to great textures, so don’t be hesitant to try something new.
Brushes making tip 2: Try out a lot of different setting in Brush’s window like spacing, angle control, roundness, scattering, textures, shape dynamics, dual brushes, etc.

Photoshop custom brushes tutorial

Photoshop custom brushes tutorial

Watch video tutorial how to make Photoshop custom brush set one bristle brush.

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Watch video tutorial how to make Photoshop custom brush set two scatter pencil brush.

How to make custom brush in Photoshop

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