5 steps to improve your drawing skill fast. Below are five tips and techniques that will help you improve your artistic skill especially in drawing.

1) Draw anything! You have to spend at least 2 hours a day drawing everyday. You can either draw from things you see or things you think of, . *Remember, when you are a professional concept artist, illustrator, or comics artist, you will be drawing at least about +8 hours a day.* You have to practice a lot to become art ninja. Once you can force yourself to draw everyday, next you should focus on one subject for a period of time. For example, if you are studying trees, draw them every day with many different kinds of trees you could find for about three weeks. Then you will eventually know how to draw a good tree without looking at it. You can draw hands for a few weeks, arms the next few weeks and so on. Keep moving forward.

***VIDEO tutorial is coming soon. Comment below to remind me to make one sooner.***

5 steps to improve your drawing skill fast

5 steps to improve your drawing skill fast

2) Go to life drawing session at least ONCE a week, better yet twice if you can make it. Just search internet for life drawing session near you. The session usually last about 3-4 hours. The secret is in shorter poses. Pay your full attention and focus all your energy when drawing for 2-5 minutes poses. It can be very intense, fun and challenging. And your goal is to get more done and better the next time around. Evaluate your drawing after the session to see what works. Once you know what work best, repeat and further the technique. Long pose aren’t that helpful for beginners.

3) Study perspective, shading and materials by practice drawing from simple objects like cubes. Then progress to more complex one like buildings. Next observe value by squinting to find basic value of the subject. Then find objects that have different reflective quality (specular level) such as teapot, football, satin, woodblock, flower, etc. Set them all up together to sketch. Three important things to focus on here. There are perspective, value and materials. Draw what you actually see, not what you think you see, and make accurate measurement. Also look for material online or books that will help you with perspective.

4) Study from any old master sketches (Mucha, Sargent, Zorn, or whoever is you favorite artists) and try to mimic the piece. You will intuitively learn and try to figure out how they did what they did. The more you do the better you will get. This way you will learn how to reverse engineer the process. This will be a huge help for you in the future when you trying to reverse engineer a painting process.

5) Practice drawing using different mediums and switching them around and know how you can work with them, get out of you comfort zone. Don’t just try them once or twice and give up. Give it a shot until you know how it works. Once you can make the tool works for you, move on the the next. Then rotate back around and repeat again. Also draw different subject but focus on one at the time, like I mention in #3. Try different pencil, graphite, charcoal, pen, markers, brush pen, brush, etc. Anything you can find…use you imagination and let the tool be your best friend.

**Ultimately, you will have to keep drawing everyday if possible. Try to draw everything no matter what subject matter is, you have to treat it like a competitive sport. Practice will make you better just like any other serious profession and don’t forget to watch and read possibly all the videos and articles on idrawgirls.com There you will get good fast. 😉

That’s about it…for now. If you consistently do this for about three months, you be surprise. I suggest after about three months compare your first drawing when you just start doing the routine and you last drawing. You will then see what I am talking about, your skill has just been elevated!!! Congratz!

Don’t give up to early, once you stop drawing…doesn’t matter where you were, your skill will somehow drop. A drawing takes time and consistency to develop. Don’t be discouraged by the result if it doesn’t come out like what you are looking for, make new ones. It’s the journey itself, not really the destination. And any time you don’t feel like drawing or you have artistic block go read this! 10 ways to overcome artist’s block It will surely help you get back on track!

Improve drawing skill tips

Improve drawing skill tips

5 steps to improve your drawing skill fast

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