How to draw woman Viking warrior video tutorial and step by step images. This tutorial can be useful for aspired artists to sketch and illustration for manga, comics, anime. Learn from Step by step and video tutorial. The tutorial shows from basic sketching to finish quick concept art drawing. The video demonstrates and narrates how to quickly create an efficient concept design from concept idea into visual. How to put rough idea onto the paper sketch and create fantasy or sci-fi character concept art online lesson.
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Here is a quick sketch of a Viking woman.

draw Viking female warrior

draw Viking female warrior

Watch the drawing video tutorial how to draw a Viking woman.

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Below are step by step how to draw Viking female warrrior.  Step one, I just rough out a sketch of a head with facial feature along with helmet with huge Viking horns on both side of the head.  (Though I heard that historically, they don’t wear such things)  But since this is a concept art and I want to convey Viking-ness so horns are the proper way to go.  I also attach a torso along in this step.  Step two, I draw out a really rough shapes for both arms, one is up as if she is hold on to something and the other is in natural pose.  In figure 3, I use soft round brush to add some shade or value to the figure and its surrounding.  Step four, I begin to fresh out the characteristic of the character start off with face, helmet, hair.  Then I start adding detail to the rest of the body.

How to draw Viking female warrior

How to draw Viking female warrior


draw Viking female warrior

draw Viking female warrior

How to draw Viking woman warrior

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    Ha ha, thanks buddy. I don’t know what are these people looking for on Google. Obviously not how to draw or paint. Thanks for the support buddy.
    Some people think I am rude, but I am actually very nice. I am just being honest and state the face. Never apologize for what I did not do wrong. 😉

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    come on xia,u said it right,bcos these people simply comment only and will not appreciate the efforts shown by you to spent your valuable time for giving tutorials.

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  • David

    Neither did they wear horned helmets, for it is unpractical in battle, nor did the women fight at all. It is a great painting, it doesn’t matter which kind of clothing she wears.

  • Andreas Lie Algrøy

    I take pride in my ancestry and I just want to point out that nordic women actually wore clothes. They wore clothes because it was cold. The nordic people may be a rough people, but they feel warmth, cold and pain just as you others.


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