How to draw woman body basic. In this tutorial, you will learn to draw a woman body basic anatomy with video and step by step lesson. This post include two video lessons. The first one has more detail drawing. The second is a quick basic how to construct a female body.

In this post, you will get
1) A model sheet of a female’s figure
2) A drawing video instruction shows you how to draw a basic female figure in a body tight outfit.

While you watch the video tutorial, I urge you to look at the model sheet below. You can right click and save it for future reference when drawing. It reveals the typical proportion that most use by artists and illustrators. This woman body proportion model sheet study I did recently and updated in early 2012 from the old version in 2007. I also have explanation and detail on the proportion below the image.

Here is a woman body or female figure anatomy proportion sheet. It shows figure from front, side and back view.

To determine the height of female form, divide the height by 7 heads, and work from there – you’ll see there are specific ratios for certain areas of the body. The measurements are determined by head units – one of the 7 divisions you set up is the size of the human head – everything is in relation to that one size.

The body height = 2 3/4 heads
The legs height = 3 1/4 heads
The shoulder width = 2 1/2 heads
From the ground to waist line = 4 heads
(hip or pelvis will be slightly wider or slimmer depending on the body types)
Distance between rip cage to shoulder = 2 head
Distance between nipples to shoulder = 1 head
Distance from thighs to knee cave = 1 3/4 heads
Bottom of the knee cave = 2 heads from ground level
For further reference, you can look for any book I have in my art bookstore.

Note that: You can add extra head for heroic looks or supermodel effect on your figure. Loomis mentions the standard proportion technique causes the figures to appear slightly too short and stumpy. In order to create more of a well defined form, some exaggeration is needed,You can alter the proportions slightly to exaggerate features, but you shouldn’t stray too far from the guidelines above, otherwise your figures will appear disproportional.

Side Note: Model-sheet itself the post are probably not the most flattering for women form, they are just for beginners and intermediate alike to study and check for accuracy and such. One of the most critical thing to keep in mind when drawing female or woman is to convey their feminine (or otherwise) through their body languages. It would be best if an artist can capture her character’s very essence and convey or communicate through your lines, sketch, drawing. Like a poet describe a beauty of his lover. Visually artist can communicate with showing images of her body language, gesture, and movement. You have to find what make them feminine, how sexy female stand or sit or lay.
The best way to study figure and all artists have done that for century is studying from real people, life drawing sessions is the necessary for all artists.
You should also get reference books or download my premium drawing tutorial, how to draw woman body, or any other art books are highly recommended for supplemental materials if you want to learn more. Below are a video lesson that I demonstrated how to draw a basic woman’s body.

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In the video, even though she is in the normal standing pose. It looks better than the pose on the model sheet because of accentuation for the body arc. Naturally, you will want to put a figure in “C” or “S” curve to make it more appealing to the eyes. If you want to learn more, you can get our premium +2 hours tutorial: how to draw woman body to support us and keep more free content coming on this blog.

I hope this post is helpful to you guys.
If you still want to learn more about drawing and painting basic female figure, including muscle structure and anatomy for artist, I recommend getting these two premium tutorials below.  These tutorials have help many artists.  If you are serious, either one will get you start and well beyond basic drawing or digital painting. Each has +2 hours video tutorials.

For full 3 hour of video tutorial, you can download these two video below. Support us by download premium tutorials to keep all the FREE video tutorials coming for everyone.
how to draw female figurehow to paint female figure

Below are bigger images taken from the model sheet.

draw woman body front

draw woman body front

Below are the drawing video demo art lesson how to start out drawing basic frame of a woman’s body or gesture drawing. This video contain only how to draw gesture, but not the full anatomy drawing.

For full 3 hour of video tutorial go to how to draw woman body premium tutorial

Below are some figure studies from life drawing session. I drew them a while back in 2007. These are somewhat quick pencil sketch, most of them are 3-5 minutes.

learn to draw woman body

learn to draw woman body

drawing woman body figure study

drawing woman body figure study

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Have a good day.

How to draw woman body basic

About The Author
- Xia Taptara (黃曉聲 Huang XiaoShēng), currently a freelance concept artist for games and films, formerly a character concept artist for ArenaNet/NCsoft (GuildWars & Guildwars 2). I also work on various projects for Game of Thrones, Square-Enix, Paizo Publishing, Fantasy Fight Games, Disney Interactive, and many publishers & clients. I use Wacom Tablet Intuos and Photoshop CS2,3,4,5 to do most of my professional art work. I use pencil, pen, and traditional medium in my free time. I founded ( in 2007 to motivate myself to create more and better art. Also I get to draw and paint whatever the hell I want to. Hopefully I can inspired some young soul and old soul alike. *QUESTIONS & COMMENT: PLEASE POST THEM ON THE BLOG. Business Inquiry please e-mail me.


  • Blake

    The figures are a bit disproportionate when it comes to correct anatomy… These women would probably be considered anorexic and unable to be “superhero” material, being far too thin and definitely fragile… My underweight girlfriend (underweight only due to her high metabolism) isn’t even this thin. It’d be nice to see some anatomically correct and realistic female figures for a change. I understand this is for “comic” and “video game” purposes, but if the purpose of furthering oneself in those two professions — especially video games — is to make it realistic, then continuously making females overly thin and busty isn’t going to ever help the industry further itself, because thin and busty would NOT be able to fight a psycho maniac, even with powers. Her back would probably snap in half with a light blow.
    This is probably good for anyone at the very, very beginning of drawing, but definitely only for beginners purposes. If they ever want to be realistic, they’ll need to put more meat on their figures, because I don’t even see much muscle on these. I don’t mean to be harsh, but it’s very disappointing to see so many carbon copy women in animation media nowadays.

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  • Xia Taptara

    Sorry, You could probably find that in some other website. I intentionally made this for people who are interested in making art for video games and comics. So appeal comes in to play for the majority, not reality.

  • recommendations

    good stuff…but not all women are shaped like that…infact most aren’t, would be nice to see variation. Also, video can’t seem to be viewed internationally.

  • Xia Taptara

    Watch it multiple times and pause if you get stuck. If you are really new, each time you watch the video you will get more and more information because I pack tons of thing on that 1st youtube drawing video.

  • Confused&Desperate_to_learn

    I don’t know what you consider beginner but I must be so far below beginner that you don’t cater to me. Your stuff is amazing but your tutorials just kind skip a few things for me. You move so fast and obviously, because you’ve been doing this for a long time, you can automatically portion so I just get kinda lost. Maybe I haven’t searched through enough of your tutorials?

  • Jordi Curanta Avivar

    Excellent website, very helpful indeed, thanks.
    I would appreciate more proportion images, basic classes and initiation to CS5.


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