Drawing man upper body chest. This video tutorial shows you how to draw male upper body. You will learn how to draw chest and abs the right way. Learn to draw simple tors using geometric shape. You can select on the labelled buttons below the video to watch any of the three versions. You can scroll down further to see step by step images with instruction.

Questions from Viewers!!!

First off, apologized for replying any of these message so late. And thanks for all YOUR KINDS words and generous regards and e-mails. I would hug you all if I can. Thank you for the support for idrawgirls.com (Now theartclasses.com)

We actually reach about 1,500 unique visitors IPs per day (and growing) and 5,000 hits average now. 🙂

Q: I watched the video demo and I have questions: are you working on multiple layers? Are your layers set to normal or do you use any of the layer settings (multiply, overlay etc.)? This is just great stuff!

A: I don’t deal with layers much. I only use multiply and overlay to sample color I want to pick to speed up the process, then I merge them down after I get the color I want. And keep painting on the main layer.

Q: when ic omes to drawing ppl,either the human form or faces…
so im wondering….is thier a class?…an instructional cource?..books…somthing to polish and reatech my scewered preceptions or drawing..
or anhting thatll make me better,..
as im always looking to improve my drawing skillz..

A: Keep watching idrawgirls.com vids (well just kidding but that too might helps)
I will stress this out again, You can practice drawing many many times from life model (street, train, coffeeshop, or session)…you have to be quick and do a lot. Or from reference pic. You can actually google and find tons of stuff, go to art forums (sijun.com). Keep looking for inspiration on the web or comics.
Draw at least couple hours a day. Go to life drawing session at least twice a week.
Find your weakness and work on it, keep learning and constantly improving in everyway you can, drawing, sketching, value, color and everything you can to be flawless. I’ve seen many people who can get better with determination, persistance and love.

Q: if you can offer me pointers or even just egt me giong in the right direcetion id be greatly appreciative..

A: Do anything you possibly can to get better as an artist, keep improving and keep drawing everyday. There maybe down time, but don’t get discourage…Keep it up even if sometimes you don’t feel like but you do have to draw everyday. 🙂

Q: I recently got a Digital Scribe, is this anything like a Wacom tablet? Could I possibly work Photoshop and other things with this??

A: Nope they have different functions, Wacom pen (comes with different head sets now) has a tablet with it (without it, it won’t function) and you can paint on it using it with Photoshop and it’s widely use in concept, games, and movie entertainment industry. As for Digital Scribe is more like a writing/drawing tool than painting. It feels great on paper when I try out, feel like I am using actual pen drawing on paper, but I have not found the way to use it with photoshop and I ask the guy (he has no idea if it’s compatable or not).
I have not seen one professional artists, using the product so…I couldn’t give you any more feedback on that. But the drawing using the product looks fine and fun.

Q: Hey Xia xD hmm I was wondering can you also draw some more males? if so, can you make a tutorial about with the Abs and ribcage? ^^;; Right now im drawing the male and getting better 😀 though i still have some problems. So yeah if u can can you go into alittle depth about them? Lol i cant believe im starting to draw the chest and lower body 😀 >< im so happy!

A: OK Here is a torso tutorial:

Drawing man upper body chest.

How to draw male upper body

How to draw male upper body

Thanks for all the e-mails and comment guys!!!

Feel free to comment and if you have any question about how to draw and such. Do not hesitate to post any question, I will try my best to answer any question about art as much as possible.

Drawing man upper body chest

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