How to draw lips or mouth. This is a video tutorial on how to draw girls or woman’s lipes. This easy to follow tutorial will show you how to draw a mouth, upper lip and lower lip, and how to shade with a traditional pencil. Step by step images also includes below.

There have been many requests for drawing female lips tutorial. So I made one.

I don’t usually study individual parts of the body. But I found that it’s good observe how lips and individual body structure. I usually place them half way between nose and the bottom of the chin. Remember, when you put the individual piece in slightly different distance, the look changes.

Also if lighting is in different angles, you will have to paint or draw according to the light source and what you really see (shape and form), not what you think you see or know about lips.

drawing lips

drawing lips

In some contexts, the mouth and lips may no longer look like what you imagine they would; you will just have to illustrate what you really see and try to capture the shape and value, instead of trying to draw a mouth or lips. This tutorial on lips assumes the light is coming from directly above and in front of her face. If the light changes direction, the lips should be drawn and rendered differently. However, don’t worry about that this time; after all, this is just a basic study tutorial. Have fun!

Since you aren’t just going to be drawing lips alone, I suggest you watch the video below
Basic face drawing part 1 proportion

Below are step by step images how to draw lips to go along with the drawing video tutorial:

how to draw lips

how to draw lips

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How to draw lips

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