How to draw man muscles body anatomy. This video tutorial shows you how to draw and render a muscular upper body. Learn how to draw man’s body muscles torso anatomy for a muscular guy or superhero type step by step and easy to follow drawing video tutorial. There are three video tutorials in this post, you can choose them from the labelled buttons below the video. You can also scroll down further to see step by step images with instruction.

how to draw man muscle body anatomy

how to draw man muscle body anatomy

In this how to draw man muscles body anatomy, I will walk you through drawing the basic body of a male torso or upper body. Learn how to draw simplified torso and upper body using geometric shape to begin with. Then we will define more anatomy by drawing chest, abs or abdominal muscles, torso and shoulders (Deltoids). From shoulders on, we will start to draw arms and its muscles components. This will be a front view of a male muscular warrior type character design for comics, manga, anime and video game concept art. Basically, you can utilize this tutorial and apply it to all type of art you are doing.

how to draw man muscles upper body

how to draw man muscles upper body

Scroll down and you will get
1) Male anatomy for artist sheets. It shows front, side and back view.
2) A drawing video tutorial explains how to draw muscle with detail instruction.
3) Step by step images with an explanation to go along with the video lesson.

After watching the video tutorial, I want you to carefully observe below image of a male anatomy showing major muscle groups. Try to memorize the main muscle groups, then go on to watch the video lesson below.

man muscles anatomy front view for artists

man muscles anatomy for artists front view

The video lesson will explain the basic drawing of a muscular man body type from the beginning to the full render. If you don’t get it the first time around, try to watch it multiple times.

If you want to learn more, download our premium video tutorial: Learn to draw man’s body and anatomy. This on I use pencil and paper to demo in a traditional way with over 2 hours of video content.
Each premium tutorial goes into a lot more detail than the free tutorial. Click on the images below for more detail.

How to draw male figure, body variations and humanoid creaturesPainting Male Muscles 1


Follow step by step instruction how to draw male muscles below with images.

Step 1-2, Draw a rough frame of a man’s muscular body, head, and arms. At this stage, try to draw light. Get the layout of the big muscle groups first before going into the detail. Most of the major muscles should be established here first.

Step 3, Draw over the existing base or construction lines. At this point, try to arrange the torso bigger geometry groups, pectorals and rib cage, in the right position and remember to keep it simple.

drawing man muscles step by step

drawing man muscles step by step

Step 4, now add more detail and shade on his face, chest and abdominal muscles.

Step 5, a shade over the muscle groups on the body beginning with his chest or pectoral muscles then shoulders or deltoids. And then slowly moving down to render left bicep and triceps. Notice that from the front view bicep will be more visible than triceps even though triceps are bigger muscle groups.

Step 6, do the same to the right side of the body. And you will have the muscular torso of a man that can be used in any superhero character design for games, comics, and illustration.

drawing torso in different poses

drawing torso in different poses

how to draw man muscles body

how to draw man muscles body

Below is an additional man’s muscles anatomy drawing of side and back view for artists. It does not include all the muscles in the body, but just the most essential muscle groups that artists must know.

man muscles anatomy back view for artists

man muscles anatomy for artists back view

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I hope you enjoy the free tutorial above.
Support the website and check out our premium drawing and painting tutorial below (over 2 hours long).

How to draw man muscles body anatomy

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