How to draw barbarian warrior. This is partially digital art tutorial. As I mentioned earlier this year that I will try to sketch daily if I can. I try to make it happen everyday and spend more time drawing and painting all kind of things. Sometime I have to do some back end stuff of this art tutorial website or blog more often than I would like to. But to make a better experience for many to come take a look at all of our tutorials, I sort of have to.
Anyway here is a remake of an old barbarian warrior sketch I did back in 2008, see “How to draw comics barbarian warrior.” As I look through all the thumbnails and search for the old drawing and painting tutorials that I think it has potential to turn out as a better painting or drawing piece. The old barbarian warrior sketch was another one of my choices. There are more than a few post that I pick out from the older drawing and repaint it. Quite a few of them turns out well such as Digital painting tutorial rogue samurai and draw and color anime girl step by step.

This time I try to spend less amount of time and instead of turning it into a finish concept. I want to keep it remains somewhat unpolished and have the sketchy unfinished feel to it. This additional step by step tutorial is not totally a re-paint over, instead I use its essence and foundation to make it a better sketch and render than the old drawing. I basically just provide the old sketch the better lighting and tighten the shading on the existing drawing. Now I am slowly picking some of the old sketch, drawing or concept that are worthy of making a revamp. And perhaps if opportunity provide, I will take this one, once again, all the way to possibly finish painting stage.

Here is a Barbarian Warrior (New Version 2011)

barbarian warrior

barbarian warrior character

Watch a video tutorial how to draw barbarian warrior

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Watch the latest Video (2011) Conan the Barbarian digital painting video tutorial.
Below are step by step process of how I paint over the barbarian warrior sketch.
If you want to see the previous step by step with video process go to:
How to draw comics barbarian.

Below is a drawing and painting process of a barbarian warrior.

painting barbarian warrior tutorial

painting barbarian warrior tutorial

barbarian warrior

barbarian warrior concept art sketch

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Enjoy the post!

How to draw barbarian warrior

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