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  • You will get over 2 hours and 40 minutes of video tutorials, included 8 Chapters.
  • You will learn to draw and refine portraits, figure, creature, hair, and texture.
  • You will learn contour lines and shading technique to create volume in drawing.
  • You will learn to convey soft and hard surface textures in your sketch.
  • You will learn to make your sketch page more than presentable that will impress your potential employers.
  • You will learn pencil techniques with variety of tips and tricks.
  • If you are new, my tutorial will make a HUGE improvement in your digital art.
  • If you are good, this tutorial is guaranteed to boost you to the NEXT LEVEL!
  • You will get HD wmv Video Media files (approx: 1280 x 720).
  • PLUS! Bonus Download, E-BOOK of Still Images (step-by step) in PDF format


screenshot screenshot screenshot
screenshot screenshot screenshot



01) Tribal Girl.
02) Rendering portrait and figure.
03) Skull Creature.
04) Draw, render and texture Dragon.
05) Creature and merging two element.
06) Deep Sea Princess Creature.
07) Rendering hard and soft surface for texture.
08) Finishing up the sketch page.

LEVEL: Intermediate.

One of the another frequently requested from viewers (YOU) is Premium How to draw and shade creatures, dragon and surface textures.  In this tutorial, you will learn the Quick and Easy way to draw and shade your art work in the most creative way that will make your sketchbook look very professional.  You will learn to apply simple shade and manipulate line work to create form and produce soft and hard surface looking textures.  You will also learn the Correct Approach to Drawing and Shading foundation from rough sketch to finish drawing.

Over the years, I have to develop quick and effective way to sketch, draw, and paint variety of facial structures for many character designs as a concept artist.  I've captured its essence for you in this easy to follow Premium Video Tutorial.  This complete package will get you going quickly and will even provide you the right foundation to further develop your artistic skill.  If you are new, my tutorial will make a HUGE improvement in your portrait drawing skill.  Even if you are good, this tutorial is guaranteed to boost you to the NEXT LEVEL!  If you are an ARTIST and looking to IMPROVE, This Tutorial is for YOU!

The main focus will be around the rough sketch, shading process, and creative process. In this tutorial you will find yourself further into the right technique and mindset of how to make your sketchbook look way more professional than you will ever imagine.





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