Draw and render female figure in motion Tutorial

"Female Muscle IV: Motion & Movement " Draw and Paint Female in different Poses

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  • Over +3 hours of Video tutorials, included 7 Chapters
  • Full Length tutorial on How to draw and paint female anatomy in movement & poses for artists. In Depth & Intuitive!
  • High Resolution (approx: 1250 x 1000) Video Media files.
  • Working with layers, tools, and brushes walk through using Photoshop as a painting tool.
  • Demonstrate different Techniques and approach to draw and paint figures.
  • PLUS! Bonus Download "Blondie with pistols" video, E-BOOK of Still Images (step-by step) in PDF format.
  • Additional Bonus Tons of Photoshop Color Palette and Custom Brushes.

LEVEL: Intermediate* Required that you already watched Female Figure Tutorial 1

Here is the one of the most additional requested from viewers, FEMALE Anatomy in movement and different poses. If you are trying to FURTHER IMPROVE your style, anatomy knowledge and figure drawing/painting skill then you are in the right place. In this FEATURE TUTORIAL, you will learn to construct and paint different female figures/characters concept, base on realistic human anatomy, for extended study purpose.
The FOURTH installment of the FEMALE FIGURE series contain tons of information you would need to know for artists, very useful information about anatomy.
In this tutorial, we will deal with the challenge of where to properly establish values on different figures in movement.
This tutorial emphasis on how to utilize real human anatomy and accentuate them to excellerate the look of the character you are going for. If you are looking for an extremely useful information on anatomy of man for artist and how to apply them to your concept design, THIS TUTORIAL is for YOU!

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Female Anatomy Figure Tutorial

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“I just want to thank you, before I started watching your videos I could only sketch faces and then only in cheesy cute anime ways. Now, even though I'm still not an amazing artist or anything, I can draw full bodies in various poses with well good porportions and everything, if it wasn't for you and your vids I would jstill be drawing silly anime faces and nothing more!”

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“I just want to say thanks as my style of drawing has developed exponentiately from watching you're videos you've helped me to understand the proportions and geometry of the female body.”


1) Constructing figure, establish basic values.
2) Rendering Torso, identify muscle groups
3) Different pose.
4) Define, build values understand light & shadow.
5) Pose, weight distribution, and paint basic values.
6) Rendering shoulders, torso, and maintain value ranges.
7) Clean up and finish up the figure.
8) Drawing figure in various poses and apply basic shadow.
Bonus Chapters:
Over +80 mins video "Blondie with pistols ."




This is the screen shot (smal viewl). *The actual screen size is 1250 x 1000 px BIG

PLUS ***BONUS TUTORIAL: Part 1 & Part 2 each over +80 minutes. ***


Topics covered:

-Using monochrome approach in painting
-Understanding Anatomy.
-Rough Sketching
-Using Anatomy to refine your work
-Working with Photoshop
-Painting realistic base on Anatomical design.
-Constructing whole female body.
-Rendering and break down values.
-Blocking In Muscle group.
-Working with Values VS Colors.
-Soft Edge vs Hard Edge.
-Painting figure in high contrast.
-Painting hands
-Breaking down values the simple way
-Blocking In Process
-And many more