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Painting Male Muscles 1



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  • You will get over 2 hours of Video tutorials.
  • You will learn to to draw and paint full color male's anatomy for artists in depth.
  • You will learn to paint with monochrome and color technique.
  • You will learn how to Working with layers, tools, and brushes walk through.
  • You will learn how to use Photoshop as extremely proficient painting tool.
  • If you are new, my tutorial will make a HUGE improvement in your digital painting skill.
  • Revealing Methods and Techniques that could not be shown in my free tutorials.
  • You will get HD MP4 files (approx: 1280 x 720).
  • Photoshop file, palette and brushes




screenshot screenshot screenshot
screenshot screenshot screenshot



01) Illustrate Male Anatomy Front View.
02) Illustrate Male Anatomy Side View.
03) Illustrate Male Anatomy Back View.
04) Painting Chest and Arm Muscles explain.
05) Painting Facial Feature.
06) Painting Abdominal and Forearm Muscles explain.
07) Painting Leg Muscles explain.
08) Smoothe rough edges and clean up.

LEVEL: Beginners - Intermediates

Here is the one of the most requested from viewers, Anatomy of Man for artist. If you are trying to improve your style, anatomy knowledge and figure drawing/painting skill then you are in the right place. In this FEATURE TUTORIAL, you will learn to construct and paint a cool, stylize, hyper-exagerated male figure/characters concept, base on realistic human anatomy, for video games, comics and illustration.

Most anatomy books usually contain too much information and often confuse and discourage artists from learning useful anatomy. They end up being like a medical illustration instruction. This tutorial will show you how to draw and paint a an uber cool male character specialize for artists. There are muscle groups aritsts needs to know and often illustrate more than others and they are shown within this video tutorial. You will also learn how to paint and illustrate a male figure concept design base on your knowledge of anatomical structure alone.

This tutorial emphasis on how to utilize real human anatomy and accentuate them to excellerate the look of the character you are going for. If you are looking for an extremely useful information on anatomy of man for artist and how to apply them to your concept design, THIS TUTORIAL is for YOU!





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