Private lesson and mentorship review.

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  • Reg

    over the years, I have purchased a ton of videos and a ton of books, but there is nothing like having a skilled and experienced mentor to review your work and give you an informed opinion on what you need to build up your skills. Xia is a GREAT teacher and I’ve made massive improvements in a very short period of time. If you’re serious about your artwork, you owe it to yourself to give the mentorship a try. I’m really glad I did. I wish I had done this years earlier!!!

  • John

    i love the video tutorials and I also found the mentorship definitely worth it! i learned so much from it. the lessons, exercises and advise from one on one sessions are so valuable! as a teacher xia is very thorough and he really wants to help improve my skills in digital painting. he’s also very patient. i didn’t know what to expect coming into the mentorship but the things he brought into the sessions exceeded any expectations I could’ve imagined. i was learning things the whole time. i highly recommend it!!

  • Savage

    I’ve been in this program for a month now and let me tell you, this is by far the best program on the internet. You get daily lessons as well as weekly lessons to keep you drawing, motivated and growing as an artist. Xia is a AWESOME teacher. His lessons and critiques are informative, fun, challenging, honest, and based on your skill level. My knowledge, skills, and even my time management have improved enormously. I see myself getting better everyday. If you want private lessons from a industry pro, and to take your art to the next level in a short period of time, at a price you can’t beat, sign up now. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Jonathan Hau-Yoon

    As someone who studied an art degree, and even works in the game industry, I’ve often felt as if I’m in a weird sort of limbo taking courses. I often feel as if I’m familiar with the vast majority of concepts, so I feel as if I’m paying for the full course, while only benefiting from a relatively small portion of new knowledge.

    Xia’s mentorship is not like that. He identifies weaknesses in your portfolio, and gives exercises that address those weaknesses so that you’re not spending time practising things you’re already familiar with. It’s also dynamic, where he’ll change the assignments you should work on based on whether you’re struggling with them or kicking butt. It’s a very dynamic relationship that I feel cannot be found in the many preset, impersonal, cookie-cutter courses elsewhere online and at art schools.

    Lastly, because you’re paying for Xia’s time, and not for a set course content, and because it’s one-on-one, if you’re driven, determined and work hard, you can set your own pace and learn significantly more than you might in a set course with a set outline where you might be held back because of other students.

    Throw in years of industry experience, weekly sessions that include paintovers and critique, and a sense of humour, and you’ve got some of the best art education you can get here at a very affordable price.

  • Karol G

    Thanks to Xia’s mentorship i learned a lot in shot time. Not only my draws looks better but also i albe to make them much faster. I’ve dome more in one month than
    in 2 years learning alone.

    You cant find better teacher.

  • Kory Basaraba

    I just finished a 5 week coaching program with Xia and the progress I made was astonishing.

    He is a master teacher, and I loved how his program erases amateur habits in a clear, step by step process while guiding you to creating pro-level work. Xia gives you specific, detailed exercises to practice that match your skill level and gently but quickly force you to get better.

    If you follow his advice, you WILL be a better artist – no matter where you are now. And because Xia is a working pro (and an amazingly talented artist), it was inspiring to have our weekly coaching sessions and be able to ask him any questions about art theory, life as a concept artist, etc.

    He is friendly, supportive, helpful, professional and always open to answering my questions. His critiques were spot-on, and he helped me finally understand the principles of art that separate the masters from the amateurs.

    I’ve never been so excited about my art or felt so confident in my ability to produce paintings I’ll be proud of. He’s given my art career new life and I’m incredibly grateful for his guidance.

    If you’re considering working with Xia, I can only say…Do it!

  • Marie

    Been a student with Xia, seems like ages now! If you’re largely self-taught I definitely recommend getting some one-to-one lessons with this awesome guy. He’s personable, knowledgeable, and inspirational. It’s easy to feel lost in your class, whether it’s offline or online. Since teachers don’t have enough time to dedicate to each student in their classes. So, if you want to get more out of your classes or just yourself in general, give Xia a try. All the lessons are catered towards your pace and level. I’ve definitely seen some improvement that rivals the more expensive classes you find online.

    Going to miss these awesome sessions!!

  • Emilie

    I had never done an online course before, and honestly, I am very satisfied!
    At first I was a bit hesitant to take the course because I am french and I was scared that I would not understand Xia, but everything went smoothly and I learned more in a couple weeks than I could have ever hoped :)

    I am a strong visual person and I have to say that watching him paint live like that was very inspiring and it helped me understand what he wanted from me.

    The online session are awesome and Xia is a fun guy to talk to. I also loved all those homework I had to do, because each time I did one I felt like I was learning something and improving! Xia also takes the time to answer your questions by email and tells you exactly what needs to be improved on your work. Also, he knows how to make you feel proud when you do something nice and isn’t afraid to tell you when you get better at painting :)

    Overall, I do recommend that course to anyone who would like to improve his/her art, and needs a bit of pointer from an inspiring artist :)

    Thank you very much for the course Xia, I really feel like I have improved and my characters are better than ever! I would gladly do it again someday, maybe for environments this time!

  • Andrew Pappas

    Xia is one of the best online teachers out there! He make a honest attempt to connect with his students as well as tailoring his lessons to cater to their striengths and weakenesses. I would highlty suggest the Private toturing lessions for anyone wanting to increase their digital painting skills.

  • Anthony

    Just completed a 5 week course with Xia. If you are thinking about doing it, my advice would be to stop thinking about it and DO IT!. I learned so much over the past 5 weeks andreally do see an improvment in my artwork.
    Xia is a great teacher and the work he gives really helps to focus on your weak points. I have found myself enjoying everybit of assignment and pushing myself to do better.
    Its a course where you get what you put in, so make the time to do what your asked and you will see progress.
    I will be doing more in the future and I strongly encourage anyone who wants to get better to do the course. Great value for money, so what are you waiting for?