Digital painting tutorial Rhino Royal Guard concept art

This tutorial show you how to paint a ancient royal guard with armored rhino conceptual art.
I spend about 30 minutes to finish up the speedpainting or composition and underpainting. The speedpainting is basically a quick concept art to give you overall idea of composition, lighting and mood. Usually I will get one good one out of five speedpaints that has potential. This one interesting enough and have potential to take it further all the way to finished concept art. So I decided to spend 6 more hours on it. And it turns out quite nice.

In this tutorial, I also use back lighting with a little over head from the right side. Back lighting means you will see the figures or object mostly in shadow. There can possibly be rim light along the edge of the subject. It mostly come from one side and some occasion both sides of the subject.

The main characters and rhino is mostly within the shadow value range though you can still see a lot of detail in them.
Since we are going to see a massive area for characters and creatures in this one, I pay a lot of attention to them on how to get more detail on the armors, costume and proportion to look right with minimum strokes.
I first painting the rhino, the guard and the woman with just shapes and silhouettes. Shapes are really important in painting. If you can get these big bold shapes correct, you are more than half way done. As long as you shape contains realistic essence of the subject, it can look very realistic and dramatic lighting will help elevate your painting to another level without much effort.

digital painting rhino knight concept art

digital painting rhino knight concept art

Watch the video tutorial how to paint a concept art Rhino Knight or guard.

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Below are step by step how to paint a concept art

digital painting tutorial rhino knight 01

digital painting tutorial rhino knight 01

digital painting tutorial rhino knight 02

digital painting tutorial rhino knight 02

Tips on speedpainting. Keep it simple first and make your image clear and easy to read or identify.
Things you should focus on primarily.
1) Shapes
2) Lighting and mood
3) Edges and depth of field.

There are actually more things to consider like color temperature, color scheme, etc. But if you can nail those three important things within thirty minutes, the rest will come with time.

Thanks for watching, keep on painting.

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