Storm X-men digital painting tutorial part 2

Storm X-men digital painting tutorial part 2.  This tutorial is the second part of the Digital painting tutorial Storm X-men part 1 of 3 Learn how to draw and paint Storm a character from Xmen comics. Storm digital painting lesson, a painting video series of comic book characters that will help you gain knowledge of anatomy and dynamics in the positioning of the figure and the details. This part, I focus more on refineing her facial feature, basically make her prettier. Also I redefine her upper body a lot more since the first part I only focus on loosely painting light and shadow.

Storm X-men digital painting tutorial

Storm X-men digital painting tutorial

Storm is a mutant who possesses the psionic ability to manipulate weather patterns over limited areas. She can stimulate the creation of any form of precipitation such as rain or fog, generate winds in varying degrees of intensity up to and including hurricane force, raise or lower the humidity and temperature in her immediate vicinity, induce lightning and other electrical atmospheric phenomena, and disperse natural storms so as to create clear change.

Watch the video tutorial Storm X-men digital painting part 2

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digital painting tutorial Storm X-men

digital painting tutorial Storm X-men

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