Top view perspective concept art tutorial

Top view perspective concept art tutorial. I’ve been reading Leviathan Wakes for a the past week. It is very awesome. You could say this one is inspired by what I’ve just read. This is throwback science fiction, an old school space opera married to a futuristic detective story.
If you like Space Opera, this will be the book for you: Leviathan Wakes, by author James A. Corey. Spanning much of our solar system, it’s an epic story in a reasonably near future, with an excellently conceived of environment and a fun story that is both action packed and thoughtful.
This one uses top view perspective which is different from three basic previous environmental concept tutorial. In this tutorial, we are going to make a futuristic scene, similar to the previous post a week ago. I am on the role painting science fiction environmental design because I want to get better at it. Though it is still very basic environmental concept art in my opinion, I am consider myself a noob environmental concept artist.
Since I am not familiar enough with the element, I will not put a lot of detail on the concept. But I am getting my idea across.
This scene , you will see two figures about to enter a lab, or some sort of restricted area. I first set up a scene with just boxes and perspective grids. Then I will look around for futuristic or industrial references, mostly photographs of cool machines and parts. Almost all concept artists usually do research whether they are an expert or inexperience on the subject. Almost half of the time we do is looking for inspiration and reference before we start a project.

Here is a final color concept sketch from bird eye view.

top view perspective concept art

top view perspective concept art

Below are step by step how to paint concept art from top view perspective step by step. I am not going to explain a lot here since most of you that visit this blog are familiar with my process. If you stumble upon this by chance, then you can look on top of the blog for topics. I am sure you will find some valuable information and video tutorials.

top view perspective concept art tutorial

top view perspective concept art tutorial

Premium  TUTORIALS: Over 2 hours of video with easy to understand lesson. Cityscape environmental tutorial speedpainting 1: how to speedpainting

top view perspective concept-art tutorial 02

top view perspective concept-art tutorial 02

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