Environmental concept basic tutorial a room

Environmental concept basic painting tutorial a study room interior. In this tutorial, I am using Photoshop CS 5. It is very common among concept artists in entertainment industry. You can also use Painter or Gimp, both will work as well. If you have been following my blog for some time, you will notice that I have a lot of drawing and painting tutorials of mostly characters. Way too many compare to background or environmental concept tutorials. It is not really my specialty because my job on day to day basis are working on character concept. Though I begin to realize that if I keep on doing just characters, then I won’t be good at environmental concept design. Now I am trying to do more study on the subject so that I can get better at it.

So here is one of my very first environmental concept tutorial of 2013. It is just a basic idea of an old school study room. The image I have in mind is the scene of a young scientist comes over to look for his retired mentor om his private study room at his mansion. It was generally a broad idea of an old study room at first then I start to narrow it down by putting a back story to it. It is a lot more fun and easier for me if there are some sort of story behind the concept or illustration I am working on.

Here is a final quick environmental concept of a study room.

basic environmental concept study room

basic environmental concept study room

Rough two points perspective used to construct this environmental concept sketch. Go to the link if you want to understand more. But I just have to sketch really rough perspective grids before I start working on it. The more accurate the better, but I really want to make it quick to get the point across in this one so I did not really measure exact vanishing points.

two points perspective room sketch

two points perspective room sketch

Below are step by step how to paint a basic environmental concept tutorial in Photoshop.  Step one, I bring in a thumbnail from my sketchbook.  Step two, I make it very simple first by separating the scene into three big planes.  If you notice, I have the floor, right wall and far wall in three separate value.  Step three, I add lighting to the scene.  Step four, I assign color onto different surface area.  Then the rest are just small detail.  The most important thing is to get your value and lighting correct and your environmental scene will read well.  And don’t forget the composition in your thumbnail stage.

environmental concept basic tutorial room

environmental concept basic tutorial room

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