Thumbnail interior environmental concept sketches

Thumbnail interior environmental concept thumbnails sketches. Recently I decided that I have to get good at environmental concept art. For a long time, I only focus on a character concept design and figure drawing. From time to time, if you have been doing it for almost a decade everyday, you can get burn out. The other reason is that I need to bring my environmental art up to the level of what I can achieve in character design. It is one of my weakness in painting and conceptual design since I’ve never done a lot of them.
From today on, you will most likely get to see more of environmental concept design from me on this blog. I am a big believer of the more you practice, study and devote yourself entirely to something, you will succeed. Well, I am an optimist, so hopefully it will work.

Here are some of the interior environmental thumbnails I select from a handful of concept I did over the weekend. I will paint over all these six thumbnail since I thought they turned out well enough. And you will probably see the progress as one after another each will get better as I go on painting them, hopefully.

Here are a collection of selected six interior environmental concept thumbnails.  The first one is a basic one point perspective I use to construct the room.  A figure standing in his office looking outward to the skyscrapers from his glass window.  Second image is a idea of a scientist slowly standing in front of his classic study room.  In this one, I use two points perspective.  Third, I use a bird eye view with three points perspective technique.  Two figures walk into a restricted secure area.  Image four, also a slightly three points perspective.  A mysterious figure is entering some kind of a small command center.  Five,  I use one point to construct a walking path on the side of the skyscraper or hi rise building.  In six, it is just a regular bar setting background.

interior concept art thumbnails 01 Thumbnail interior environmental concept sketches

interior environmental concept art thumbnails

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Next post, I will start painting this one by one until I  finish all six sketches.

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