How to paint Ironman 3 chibi

How to paint Ironman 3 chibi. This post continue from the previous post, How to draw Ironman 3 Chibi. I have a rough sketch ready to go for the paint over. Paint over is what I usually do instead of fill in color like in most comics style. Though from time to time I will do painting along with line art, but I prefer painting by itself a lot more.

First I thought it was going to be a walk in the park. I challenge myself a little more by giving the lighting direction from behind. Well, it did not turn out to be as easy as I thought. I spend a few hours on this. Fun but lighting is a bit challenging for me. If I spend a few more hours, I could probably make something a bit more decent looking. But I have to get back to actual work on a project. So for now, it is what it is. I just hope that I get my point across and you can learn something from it.

Here is a final speed painting of Ironman 3 chibi, done in Photoshop.

ironman chibi quick sketch How to paint Ironman 3 chibi

ironman chibi quick sketch

Watch the video tutorial, how to paint Chibi Ironman with back lighting in Photoshop.
**video is uploading, coming soon**

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Below are step by step how to paint Ironman 3 chibi style. I hope you enjoy the tutorial.

speedpainting tutorial ironman 3 How to paint Ironman 3 chibi

speedpainting tutorial ironman 3

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