How to draw Ironman 3 chibi

How to draw Ironman 3 chibi style. I am very excited to see the movie, Ironman 3, so I decided to do a quick painting of it. But since I already did a more realistic speed digital painting of Ironman and Ironman 2 (see Digital painting tutorial Ironman and How to paint Ironman and Warmachine), I decided to do something different, like Chibi Ironman, this time.
This one is a very basic drawing tutorial so you can just watch the video tutorial below. This should be really easy even if you are a beginner. If you get stuck, you can pause. Or you can take a look at the step by step below along with the video.

Here is final sketch of Ironman 3 chibi style.

ironman chibi drawing How to draw Ironman 3 chibi

ironman chibi drawing

Watch the video tutorial, how to draw Chibi Ironman in Photoshop.
**video is uploading, coming soon**

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Below are step by step how to draw Ironman Chibi style.  Step one, I sketch a basic oval shape for the head.  Step two, I then draw a body below it.  Step three, I begin to draw detail of the helmet.  Step four, I slowly add more detail onto the armor design.  Enjoy the tutorial.

how to draw ironman 3 chibi How to draw Ironman 3 chibi

how to draw ironman 3 chibi

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