Environmental concept art painting over photo

Environmental concept art painting over photo process. This is another shattered plains conceptual painting process. This time we will use a photograph as a starting point.
I’ve seen and learn this process of this painting method from many pro concept artists. There are many advantages using Photograph as base for your concept art. First, you can get natural and more real life color palette right away without having to wrestle with finding color scheme on your own. Second, you can see right off the bat what lighting situation would be like since the photograph you pick must match your ideal conceptual direction. Third, if you decide to go further in painting process, you can end up with very beautiful matte painting in the end. Well, if you are good enough of a painter. Production matte painting is really difficult to pull off.

The edge of the plains consist of smaller plateaus with chasms ranging generally from 50 to 150 feet in depth which can be easily bridged, and many permanent bridges have been constructed joining them together. Moving eastward, the plains become much more varied in size and the chasms themselves can become much wider making crossing from one to another much more challenging.
On the eastern side of the explored portion of the plains is a particularly large plateau known as “the Tower” for unknown reasons. The Tower is a favorite place for Chasmfiends to pupate.

shattered plains concept art

shattered plains concept art

Below are step by step process of shattered plains environmental concept.  First I have a very rough concept idea in mind then sketch it on paper or digitally.  Then I will find a photograph that I think will fit within the realm of my ideal concept sketch.  Basically you have to know what you are looking for.  Step three, I will just color pick the color from the photo then paint over to make it look like the initial sketch I had.  Step four, refine your shape and value, make sure they are correct.  Step five, create depth of field to push the elements in the back further.  Then finalize your concept by adding essential elements.    There are more tutorials on this blog if this one is a big too short or too advance for you.  Look around and you will find the one that suits you.

painting environmental concept shattered plains

painting environmental concept shattered plains

Premium  TUTORIALS: Over 2 hours of video with easy to understand lesson. Cityscape environmental tutorial speedpainting 1: how to speedpainting

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