Shattered plain concept painting tutorial

Shattered plain concept painting tutorial. This is a really quick environmental concept of the shattered plains from Storm Light Archive book one. I took one of the basic thumbnail concept art and paint over it to get the idea of how it would look like in real life with color. I pick the first thumbnail from the previous post.
When I paint this, I also look around for rock, cliff, rocky mountain, deserts or any granite mountain photo references. I need these information because I want to know what kind of shape the shattered plain should look like along with color and texture. The references I gather will be the starting point of how I should approach my environmental concept.
What comes to my mind when I think of shattered plains first is isolated deserted area with harsh surrounding. Somewhere I would not want to live in. I imagine the shattered plains should be made from granite mostly. It should be very dry and hot like desert without any green or living vegetation. It should be the place that are rough for any living things to survive.

I scanned my thumbnails in Photoshop then I just paint over on one of them. I also use my Wacom Intuo tablet, not mouse.

Here is a final speedy concept of my first shattered plains painting.

shattered plain concept art

shattered plain concept art

Below are step by step process of how I paint the shattered plains. The process is really quick just to get the color scheme and

painting shatteredplainsphotoshop tutorial

painting shatteredplainsphotoshop tutorial

Here is a sample of my references that I gathered for this concept art.

shattered reference guide

shattered reference guide

Premium  TUTORIALS: Over 2 hours of video with easy to understand lesson. Cityscape environmental tutorial speedpainting 1: how to speedpainting

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