Rogue elf concept art tutorial

Rogue elf concept art tutorial step by step painting. This is something that I did for fun just to improve my use of more saturate color and lighting on a character. In the first step, I took one my existing painting from the previous post, Photoshop painting tips using light and shadow on character, then paint over it.  What you see in the first image is the final result, I totally changed the character.   For step by step process you can go see the previous post (link above) then the step by step images below.

PathfinderElf Rogue elf concept art tutorial

Merisiel Pathfinder Rogue Elf

Below are step by step how to paint a rogue elf character.  Step one, I already have the pose and face from the previous demo.  I just painted over it with selected color and redo the hair style in Photoshop.  Step two, I wasn’t happy with the color so I decided to go with red and light blue.  In this process, you can either use Overlay or Color function (mode) in Photoshop for quick fix.  Then painted over again with solid color in normal.  Step three, I began to design and refine the costume and more dramatic lighting.  Step four, I added more design then increased the lighting from the top left.

concept art tutorial character rogue elf 01 Rogue elf concept art tutorial

concept art tutorial rogue elf character

Step five, I re painted her hair and started adding more detail onto the costume.  Step six, I add more lighting along her torso then leg.  Step seven, I adjusted the color and lighting on her face a bit, then add more detail onto her leggings.  Step eight, clean up and finished the rest of the figure and weapons.

photoshop painting process character rogue elf 02 Rogue elf concept art tutorial

Photoshop painting process rogue elf part 2

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  • Mimijack

    Your artwork is awesome! I want to learn to use my Wacom Bamboo Create tablet, but am having a hard time with the control. I guess it will take a while to get used to. I haven’t even drawn in years, and am recently trying to get back into it, so I have very much enjoyed watching your tutorials on Youtube, even though I am unable to do such things at this time. I need to perfect my hand drawing before I attempt the digital type.
    Thank you for sharing your creative abilities with us.

  • Xia Taptara

    take your time and constantly practice.