Character art tutorial, Aphrodite

Character art tutorial, Aphrodite. In this tutorial, I will show you my process of creating concept art and illustration in Photoshop step by step digital painting process. You will learn how to draw and paint a character art Goddess Aphrodite. Aphrodite is the great Olympian goddess of beauty, love, pleasure and and procreation. She was depicted as a beautiful woman. After her birth, Zeus was afraid that the gods would fight over Aphrodite’s hand in marriage so he married her off to the smith god Hephaestus. Aphrodite had many lovers, both gods like Ares, and men like Anchises. Aphrodite also became instrumental in the Eros and Psyche legend, and later was both Adonis’ lover and his surrogate mother.
Most of the time, when I receive any job from my clients, I often have some rough idea in mind. I will start with thumbnails sketch then composition. I usually create my composition using light and shadow, then color scheme to create the mood and feel of the piece. Once I have that I will start my sketch and bring it to finish character art and illustration. Most of the character art I did, it begins with description from a writer.

Most of my illustration piece, I get the description from the clients or art director. Below is the description of Aphrodite character concept from a client
The goddess of love, born from the ocean. She is walking up out of blue ocean waves, like a swimsuit model. Her pose and face are beautiful and alluring. Her eyes look upwards to look into the viewer’s eyes. The frothing waves come up to her waist. She is wearing a dress of white and gold suitable for a Greek goddess. Her dress is wet, clingly tightly to her body. Her skin should look wet. Drops of water float up from her, and from the water around her, her divine power reversing their fall. Seashells decorate her hair.

aphrodite concept art Character art tutorial, Aphrodite

Aphrodite character art

Here are step by step images and painting process of Aphrodite.  Step one, I drew an image based on the final thumbnails and description received from my client.  Step two, I added a Greek goddess style dress on her.  Step three, I darken the environment then gave her aura to create dramatic mood.  Step four, I painted base color scheme and her skin color.

digital painting process aphrodite bw Character art tutorial, Aphrodite

digital painting process for character Aphrodite

Step five, my earlier sketch look more toward realism, but this step took the off direction into comics style painting.  Step six, I painted over her hair to convey wetness and some water drops onto her body.  Her face still look more like a comics character.  Step seven, I repainted the whole portrait and figure to give it more dramatic lighting and more realistic look.  Step eight, I repaint her whole face using a reference.  Step nine, I decide to expose more of her figure by painting her hip and thighs out of the water.  Step ten, I increase the intensity of the lighting from the front to give her more majestic and magical look.

digital painting process aphrodite color Character art tutorial, Aphrodite

painting character tutorial Aphrodite

After all the repainted, tweaked and cleaned up. Here is a final Aphrodite illustration.

aphrodite concept art Character art tutorial, Aphrodite

Aphrodite character art

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cover dark warlord 01 Character art tutorial, Aphroditecover steel paladin 01 Character art tutorial, Aphrodite

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