3 ways to avoid muddy color in digital painting

3 ways to avoid muddy (dirty) color in digital painting. In this tutorial, we are using Photoshop for digital painting. The video tutorial shows you Photoshop painting tips, 3 ways to smooth (blend) color and avoid muddy color and inconsistent brush stroke in digital painting.

Below are some pointers for painting in this tutorial.
1) Use higher opacity or thicker paint to avoid unsure color.
2) Alternate between hard edge and soft edge brush to make your edges clearly define. It will also help create smooth transitions between color,to create smooth transitions between color,
3) You can use smudge tool, if you need. (I personally hardly use it myself.)
4) You can alter or change the opacity of the layer itself, you can use multiple layers to your advantage to avoid muddy color.
5) You can use “Overlay” and “Color” mode on layer to enhance or bring out more saturate color if you need to.

3 ways to avoid muddy color

3 ways to avoid muddy color

The image I used for this demo tutorial is from the previous post How to draw Ms Marvel, you can go see step by step tutorial there.

download photoshop brushes
how to blend color

how to blend color

Cause of dirty color or muddy color The following bad practices will create dirty colour mixes:
1) Trying to darken a color with too much gray and black.
2) Using more than four colour within a colour mixture
3) Overworking a painting or fiddling too much within a particular area
4) The inclusion of too many earth colours, ochres and greys within the artist’s palette
5) Introducing too much dark colour in a colour mix at once and trying to lighten it again with white, causing the colour mix to lose life

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