How to draw Moonstar

How to draw Danielle Moonstar from Marvel comics. In this tutorial, you will learn to draw Danielle Moonstar Marvel style. Danielle Moonstar was born in Colorado to members of the Cheyenne Nation. The first time Dani’s powers manifested, she saw the image of her parents dying. She saw a huge bear standing over the bodies of a horse and an eagle; representing her mother came (from the horse clan) and her father (of the eagle clan). In this drawing, you will draw Danielle Moonstar in a natural front view, slightly three quarter, standing pose. I will only demonstrated the top half of the body. It is very important have some knowledge of anatomy as an artist, specially if you want to be a professional commercial artist. Though you don’t have to know every muscles on the body, but it is still very important to make sure that the visible anatomy is correct. The best way I would suggest to learn anatomy is to to attend life drawing session nearest you.
Danielle was de-powered in the Decimation. Formerly, She could generate astral images in the form of an individual’s greatest fear or desire. She also possessed an animal telepathy. Dani could also generate astral energy and construct it into various shapes- most commonly as an arrow, which, upon contact with another could cause psychic backlash that would leave them incapacitated. As a Valkyrie, Dani could also percieve a manifestation of a person’s impending death, and fight it off if she chose. For a time, she could also tap into the Quantum energy that binds reality together, and use it to project bursts of force, disintegrate matter, and levitate.

Moonstar Marvel

Moonstar Marvel

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Below are step by step how to draw Moonstar from X-men. Step one, I sketched a head and torso very roughly.  Step two, I added construction lines on her face and anatomical necessity on her torso.  Step three, I drew eyes, nose and mouth along the construction lines.  I also added her hair.  Step three, I tighten up the line drawn and clean up the construction lines.  Step five, I drew some more detail on her uniform.  Step six, I shaded in some gray and necessity value on her costume.

How to draw Moonstar from Marvel comics

How to draw Moonstar from Marvel comics

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