How to draw dolphin

How to draw dolphin. Learn to draw a dolphin step by step images with easy to follow instruction. Bottlenose dolphins are well known as the intelligent and charismatic stars of many aquarium shows. Their curved mouths give the appearance of a friendly, permanent smile, and they can be trained to perform complex tricks. In this tutorial, we will draw a dolphin with full body in leaping up vertically from below (jumping). Drawing dolphin is similar to drawing many marine mammals because of its streamline shape of the body. One of the easiest way to approach the drawing is identify simple shapes within the body. I usually do simple line drawn from step one to step three. Once I have the proportional guideline, I started adding detail drawing. It will help to define the main parts of each animal by breaking it down into simple geometry shapes.
Dolphins are marine mammals closely related to whales and porpoises. Bottlenose dolphins travel in social groups and communicate with each other by a complex system of squeaks and whistles. Schools have been known to come to the aid of an injured dolphin and help it to the surface. Bottlenose dolphins are found in tropical oceans and other warm waters around the globe.

dolphin drawing

dolphin drawing

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Below are step by step how to draw a Bottlenose dolphin.  Step one, I drew a simple “U” shape pointing side way.  Step two, I added eye, mouth and sleek body.  Step three, then I drew dorsal fin and paired pectoral fins.  Step four, I then add its tail.  Step five to six, I cleaned up the line drawn and finished the drawing.

how to draw dolphin

how to draw dolphin

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