How to draw Cheetah

How to draw Cheetah. Learn to draw an Cheetah step by step images along with easy to follow instruction. The cheetah is the world’s fastest land mammal. The cheetah’s chest is deep and its waist is narrow. The coarse, short fur of the cheetah is tan with round black spots for some camouflage while hunting. There are no spots on its white underside, but the tail has spots, which merge to form four to six dark rings at the end. The tail usually ends in a bushy white tuft. The cheetah has a small head with high-set eyes. Black “tear marks” running from the corner of its eyes down the sides of the nose to its mouth keep sunlight out of its eyes and aid in hunting and seeing long distances. Although it can reach high speeds, its body cannot stand long distance running, because it is more suited to short bursts of speed.
In this tutorial, you will follow step by step drawing from simple geometry shape into a full body of Cheetah. Most of land mammals are different in shapes and forms depending on their families. Cheetah is considered to be in a feline or cat family so if you are familiar with cat then this should not be as hard. I usually observe the animal shape and form then break it down into simple geometry shapes so it is easier to draw. The best way to approach the drawing is identify simple shapes within the body.

cheetah drawing

cheetah drawing

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Below are step by step how to draw a Cheetah.  Step one, I drew a circle shape for head then a “U” shape on the side for its snout.  Step two, I drew eye’s socket, nose, mouth and ear.  This will be a head from side view or profile.  Step three, I added some detail to its face and drew its long thick neck.  Step four, I sketched its long body very light as a base to draw final lines from.  Step five, I then added front leg and back leg.  This will be a sitting down pose.  Step six, I finished the rest of the drawing by adding spots and the rest of the big cat details.

how to draw Cheetah

how to draw Cheetah

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