How to draw Sailor Neptune

How to draw a Manga character Sailor Neptune. Sailor Neptune wears teal pumps and the required sailor uniform. A white leotard with a teal pleated skirt and sailor collar, white gloves with teal bands that go just past her wrists and two blue bows (one at her chest and the other at the small of her back. There is a heart shaped, teal brooch in the middle of the bow on her chest. She also wears a gold tiara with a teal gem on her forehead. In this tutorial you will learn to draw a female character from Sailor Moon Anime. I will show you step by step drawing a three quarter view face and body in a twisted motion with both arms along side.  I usually do a rough sketch really light before I actually draw darker line.  On the rough sketch I use simple geometry shapes to construct the basic head and body.  By following this step by step process, you will find drawing easier. It is very important to get the shape and proportion right in the beginning. If you understand its basic foundation, it will be easier to draw anything.

Sailor Neptune Anime drawing

Sailor Neptune Anime drawing

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Below are step by step how to draw Sailor Neptune.  Step one, I used basic circle shape to start a face.  Step two, I then drew her eyes, nose and mouth along with her long hair.  Step three, I rough out the body.  Step four, I drew a bow and a navy style shirt on her upper body in detail.  I also drew construction lines for her arm.  Step five, I rough out her mini skirt.  Step six, drew her legs and add detail over her double layers skirt.

how to draw Anime Sailor Neptune

how to draw Anime Sailor Neptune

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