How to draw killer whale

How to draw Killer whale or Orca. Learn to draw a Killer whale step by step images along with easy to follow instruction. Orcas are immediately recognizable by their distinctive black-and-white coloring and are the intelligent. They distinctively bear a black back, white chest and sides, and a white patch above and behind the eye. Calves are born with a yellowish or orange tint, which fades to white. Killer whales have a heavy and robust body[38] with a large dorsal fin up to 2 metres (6.6 ft) tall. Behind the fin, they have a dark grey “saddle patch” across the back. Antarctic killer whales may have pale grey to nearly white backs. Adult killer whales are very distinctive and are not usually confused with any other sea creature. In this tutorial, we will draw a Killer whale with full body in rising position. Drawing Killer whale is very much similar to drawing marine mammals because of its streamline shape of the body. Most of animals and creatures are different in shapes and forms depending on their families. One of the easiest way to approach the drawing is identify simple shapes within the body. I usually provide that in step one to step three, before I started adding detail drawing. It will help to define the main parts of each animal by breaking it down into simple geometry shapes.

Orca killer whale

Orca killer whale

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Below are step by step how to draw an Orca or Killer Whale.  Step one, you can start drawing by follow the simple shape below.  Step two, I added a mouth line then a pattern above its eye.  Step three, I then added two side fins.  Step four, I drew dorsal fin and tail with small pattern below it.  Step five, I drew the rest of its tail.  Step six, I shade in darker color pattern on its back and done.

how to draw Killer Whale

how to draw Killer Whale

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  1. I really like your post or also your work.. This post really so helpful for the kids in a drawing,because you draw a ship in step by step,they easily understand this picture or draw it..

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