How to draw hyena

How to draw hyena. Learn to draw a spotted hyena step by step images along with easy to follow instruction. Here is another dog like creatures. In this tutorial, we will draw a spotted hyena and its entire body structure. Hyenas are the animals of the family Hyaenidae of suborder feliforms of the Carnivora. It is the fourth smallest biological family in the Carnivora. Its body is very similar to wolf or dog. To practice drawing animals is always a good way to explore different forms of anatomy design because of their diverse anatomy and body structures. If you want to be a well rounded concept artist, studying animal drawing is a must. Since different creatures are different in shapes and forms, I usually observe then break it down into simple shapes. This process makes drawing complex structure a lot simpler and easier.
Although phylogenetically close to felines and viverrids, hyenas are behaviourally and morphologically similar to canines in several aspects. Hyenas have relatively short torsos, and are fairly massive and wolf-like in build, but have lower hind quarters, high withers and their backs slope noticeably downward toward their croups. The forelegs are high, while the hind legs are very short and their necks are thick and short. Their skulls superficially resemble those of large canids, but are much larger and heavier, with shorter facial portions. Hyenas are digitigrade, with the fore and hind paws having four digits each and sporting bulging pawpads. Spotted hyenas are organized into territorial clans of related individuals that defend their home ranges against intruding clans. The center of clan activity is the den, where the cubs are raised and individuals meet. The den is usually situated on high ground in the central part of the territory. Its above-ground entrances are connected to a series of underground tunnels.

hyena drawing

hyena drawing

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Below are step by step how to draw a spotted hyena.  Step one, I started with two circular shapes, big and small.  The smaller one represent its snout.  Step two, I drew a hyena’s face over the construction shapes.  Then I also added its ears and neck.  Step three, I added an long oval shape for the body.  Step four, I drew more geometry shapes for its four legs.  Step five, I drew detail on its body and legs over the established simple shapes.  Step six, I added spots all over the body and darken its nose.  Done!

how to draw hyena

how to draw hyena

Here is a closed up of a Hyena’s head.

Hyena's head drawing

Hyena's head drawing

Below are step by step how to draw a Hyena’s head.

how to draw Hyena's head

how to draw Hyena's head

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