How to draw Havok

How to draw Havok, Alex Summers, from X men. In this tutorial, you will learn to draw a Havok from X-men in comics style drawing. Havok has a similar appearance to Cyclops in many ways. Whenever I attempt to draw something, I will break down the drawing in simple geometry shapes first. I will always make the drawing or initial sketch simple, that way it is easier when you draw more detail on top of the simple shapes. Though it might look simple but the most important part is measurement the position between elements such as space from left eye to nose or from nose to lips. It is very useful to make your initial drawing simple first then refine it later. You can always practice your observation skill even when you are not drawing to keep your brain stimulated. It is a lot easier to draw once you observe the over all shape of the object or person you are trying to draw.
Havok is a mutant with the superhuman ability to absorb ambient cosmic energy into the cells of his body, transform it in an unknown manner, and release it as waves of energy that heat the air in their path enough to turn it into plasma, which is a super-heated state of matter consisting of charged subatomic particles. These waves will emanate from his body in all directions unless he purposefully tries to channel them in a single direction, usually along the length of his arms. Havok is himself immune to the intense heat he creates, as well as the power blasts generated by his brother Cyclops.

havok How to draw Havok

Havok drawing X-men

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Below are step by step how to draw Havok.  Step one, I began by drawing a shape for his head and shoulders along with facial construction lines.  Step two, I drew his eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth.  Step three, I then added his hair and a circle on his chest.  Step four, I roughly sketched his body and both his arms out.  Step five, I then added his muscle along those arms and shapes for his gloves.  Step six, I finished up all the detail for his costume and his metallic gloves.

how to draw havok How to draw Havok

How to draw Havok

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