How to draw Beast

How to draw Beast from X-men, Marvel comics. Beast, Dr. Henry Mccoy “Hank”, is a fictional character, a Marvel Comics superhero and a founding member of the mutant team of superheroes known as the X-Men. I did not really like Beast in the first X men movie, but in X men first class I love it. I love the character designs of the new Beast. Also the quality and style of the new film. But I have to admit the first X men movie is the beginning of all the superheroes movies nowadays. In this tutorial, you will learn to draw a Beast from X-men in comics style drawing. Beast has a massive cat or lion like face and body. He also has lots of hair all over his body, but you can still see his muscles everywhere. I will break down the drawing in the way that it will be easy to follow. Before I begin to draw something new, I usually observe the subject and try to break it down into simple geometry shapes. I will always make the drawing or initial sketch simple, that is the key. Though it might look simple but the most important part is measurement the position between element such as space from left eye to nose or from nose to lips. It is very useful if you can look at any subject and able to break it down into simple geometry shapes. You can always practice it even when you are not drawing to keep your brain stimulated. Very good observation exercise for artists. It is a lot easier to draw once you observe the over all shape of the object or person you are trying to draw.
Beast power is Genetic Atavism: powers of genetic atavism. He also possesses neotenous characteristics, which would explain why he has a big modern brain with an ape-like physique. Due to secondary mutation Beast transformed from his original ape-like physique to a more huge cat-like physique.

Beast X men

Beast X men

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Below are step by step how to draw Beast from Marvel X-men.  Step one, I sketch a head shape and shoulder very roughly.  Step two, I added more definition to his face.  Step three, I refined his hair style and roughly sketched out his foreshortening hand.  Step four, I drew his massive torso and add the his right arm.  Step five, I finished drawing both his arms and hands.  Step six, I refined some more detail and finished the rest of his body.

how to draw Beast X men

how to draw Beast X men

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