How to draw Green Arrow

How to draw Green Arrow from DC universe. Green Arrow is a vigilante superhero who fights crime using archery, martial arts and technology. In this tutorial, you will learn to draw Green Arrow with step by step drawing instruction. The step by step images provide useful information and insight of general artistic process for comics drawing. It can help gain knowledge of drawing. You will learn to draw a Green Arrow face, body and costume along with basic muscle structure and costume. To be a good drawer, it is useful to know anatomy even though more often than not you will have to design outfit over the body. It is still very important to make sure that the visible anatomy is as accurate as possible. The best way to learn anatomy to attend to life drawing session. This drawing took me about thirty minutes to draw just for tutorial purpose, not a finished refine drawing. In general, I usually start drawing the character with gesture to get the basic structure of a character. It is very important to get correct shape, proportion, and accuracy for initial sketch, before you start drawing with solid lines.
Green Arrow’s secret identity is Oliver Queen, living in Star City as a wealthy playboy and billionaire industrialist turned outspoken liberal politician. He is the leader of Team Arrow; he has also been a member of the Justice League. Using his skills, he attacked and destroyed their heroin operation, then delivered them to the authorities before returning home. Realizing that he had found his destiny, he chose to use his abilities and resources as a crime-fighter. Green Arrow would go on to become a member of the Justice League of America, although there are multiple versions of this story.

Green Arrow

Green Arrow

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Below are step by step images how to draw Green Arrow from DC comics.  First, I started sketch basic head shape and shoulders.  Second, I then drew roughly his eyes, nose and mouth in the designated position along with his basic torso shape.  Step three, I then drew his mask and hoodie over his head and face.  Step four, in this step I could draw his shirt and short sleeves.  Step four, I add his pants and gloves.  Step six, I drew the rest of the costume to finished the drawing.

how to draw Green Arrow

how to draw Green Arrow

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