How to draw the thing

How to draw the thing from Fantastic Four. In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw the thing in his action pose. You will learn to draw his rocky face and massive upper body in a dynamic action position. This is a basic step by step drawing instruction and easy to follow for any beginner. First, I usually start drawing with simple geometry shapes to construct the basic Manga head and body. This method will make your drawing process a lot easier. It aims to get the shape and proportion right in the beginning. No matter what you are trying to draw, once you understand its foundation, you can keep drawing process at ease. For his face, I generally start of with basic portrait sketch and figure just like drawing any real portrait. It is important that you should study drawing figure from real people, then you can always use the knowledge to translate it into comics art. In comics, proportion is usually exaggerated in male superhero especially so knowing anatomy will help you in the future.
The Thing, Ben Grimm, is a fictional character, a founding member of the Fantastic Four in the Marvel Universe. After finishing college, Ben joined the U.S. military to continue his education and pursue his longtime dream of becoming a pilot. After training in a series of military operations, he shifted from combat duty to become a test pilot, one of the best in the Air Force. The Thing’s mutated physiology grants him tremendous superhuman strength and durability, the levels varying with his different forms. There have been periods where Ben could assume human form at will; however, these situations seldom last long. He also has enhanced stamina and lung capacity, and increased resistance to sensory and temperature extremes.

The Thing Fantastic Four

The Thing Fantastic Four

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Below are step by step images how to draw the Thing from Fantastic Four.  Step one, I started drawing his head first with rough sketch.  Step two, I drew over rough sketch with more refine lines for his face.  Step three, I then added his shoulders and part of his arms.  Step four, I finished the rest of his face then roughly sketched his front hand.  Step five, I roughed out the rest of his body in a pose.  Step six, I drew over the previous sketch with rocky texture all over his body and finished the drawing.

how to draw the Thing

how to draw the Thing

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