Basic digital painting spy woman

Basic digital painting spy woman. Here is a painting spy woman step by step character design sketch. This is a quick paint over from one of my unfinished work from the earlier post in 2007. Like I mention a couple months back that I will try to dig up some of my old unfinished work that has potential then brush them up and make them prettier. And I did one on my previous post on how to paint feather.
When I first start this art blog and it becomes how to draw and paint tutorials blog. I had a lot of unfinished sketches and painting back then even now. But I think now I tend to do a better job of working faster to make it look presentable without having to spend much time on each peace.
The original piece of this spy lady was rough, very mute and flat. But I like the pose of the character so I decided to to a revision of it yesterday. I am trying to make this one more like a quickly painted comics pinup rather than an illustration.

Here is a final basic painting of a spy woman.

spy woman character sketch Basic digital painting spy woman

digital painting basic spy woman

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Below are step by step basic digital painting tutorial of a spy lady. In panel 1, you will see that I was working out the value and try to set up the light source (You can see the original one in the bottom.). Then after I established enough lighting through apply darker paint, I pick bolder color choice then paint over her skin tone and hair in step two. At first I was thinking red head, but then I change my mind because of the color on the background is too similar. So I have to pick a different color. In step 3, I painted more light onto the figure and more detail on her face with little touch of blue lipstick. I though it would stand out since the whole image has a really warm hue to it. Step 4, I move her arm lower because it is a bit more settle and spy like. I also lighten up her skin tone a bit more and painted red gloves onto both of her arms. On the final image, I just did a quick hot spot highlight and paint some darker value onto certain area.

painting spy woman step by step Basic digital painting spy woman

basic digital painting tutorial spy lady

spy woman character sketch Basic digital painting spy woman

basic digital painting spy woman

And below is the older version sketch.
old work sept 2007 Basic digital painting spy woman

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